Tuesday, July 17, 2007

'P4T' Director on Tennessee Radio

'9/11 Press For Truth' director Ray Nowosielski appeared this evening for a half hour on 'The Harry Grothjahn Show' on WBCR AM 1470 in Knoxville, Tennessee, to promote an area screening of the movie tomorrow night (Wednesday) at The Cafe Theater. Thanks to Harry for organizing the showing and for the radio exposure.


Anonymous said...

Why does this film have next to no information on the controlled demolition of WTC7 and the towers? This is one of the lynchpins of the crime and its almost completely ignored by PFT. And is Israel mentioned at all? What about the 5 Israeli's caught celebrating the attacks and caught with explosive residue in their van? Do you even talk about Silverstein and his connections?How can these not warrant a mention? Pakistan is involved on some level as well, obviously, but lets not pretend like this was a Saudi/Pakistan job when it was clearly a US inside job with the help of ISI/Mossad. Taking down ONLY Pakistan is not good enough and ignoring the evidence for CD is ridiculous. THIS is why you get such good press though, THIS is why its "safe" for the MSM to mention you without lashing out in anger, because of what you DONT include in your film. PFT will never bring about a new investigation, it will only lead people to believe the old "incomptence" lie. 9/11 was an inside job, incompetence had NOTHING to do with it.(if you dont allow my criticism to be posted it will speak volumes about this site/movies agenda. do you really want people to know that the PFT website is worse than ABCNews.com when it comes to censorship?)

www.911PressForTruth.com said...

Dear anonymous sir,
We appreciate your perspective. Many have shared a similar one with us over the past year. However, this site is not a forum for debate about the movie. It's a place for people interested in updates regarding the movie to get them. You do not seem interested in said updates, and you no one is forcing you to come to this blog. Good luck with your activism. You seem like a passionate person.

P4T Blog Team