Monday, November 19, 2007

European Tour of Top Cinemas Begins Today

Starting today and continuing through December 17, '9/11 Press For Truth' will be coming to well-known movie theaters in important cities throughout France, Belgium, and Switzerland. The French capital of Paris, the Belgien capital of Brussels, and Switzerland's 2nd largest city, Geneva, will be among them. The movie will play in English with French subtitles.

The tour coincides with the November 20th DVD release of a European version of 'Press For Truth' (French translation: 'En Quete De Verite'), PAL, all zones, in English with French and Spanish subtitle options, available for order here.

The tour's French organizers explained, "We chose 'Press For Truth' because it is one of the best films ever produced on the subject of 9/11. It features both absolute factual accuracy and professional journalistic fairness." Democrats Abroad and other groups are helping out with promotion, as well as hosting private events to accompany many of the screenings.

In Paris, 'Press For Truth' is playing on Friday, December 7th, at the Action Christine Odeon, a two-room art house, located in a 17th Century building, the theater has been one of the pillars of Hollywood cinema in the City of Lights for over 30 years.

A larger follow-on European tour, to include London, is also planned for early 2008. The current tour consists of the following dates:

November 19
Brussels, Belgium
(The Capital of Belgium)
The Cinema Nova

November 23
Louvain, Belgium
(20 miles east of Brussels)
The Provinciehuis

November 26
Nancy, France
(The Lorraine region)
The Cinema Cameo

November 27
Metz, France
(The Lorraine region)
The Cinema Cameo Ariel

December 3
Lausanne, Switzerland
(30 miles northeast of Geneva, on the shores of Lake Geneva)
The Pathe Galleries 6

December 4
Geneva, Switzerland
(The 2nd largest city in Switzerland)
The Cinema Pathe Rialto

December 5
Lyon, France
(The 3rd largest city in France)
The Cinema CNP Terreaux

December 6
Marseille, France
(The 2nd largest city in France)
The Cinema Prado

December 7
Paris, France
(The Capital of France)
The Action Christine Odeon

December 11
Lille, France
(The 4th largest city in France, on the border of Belgium)
The Cinema Majestic

December 17
Toulouse, France
(The 5th largest city in France)
The Cinema Utopia

Many thanks to the organizers of this tour and to the cinemas showing the movie!