Friday, July 28, 2006

A Little Behind Schedule, Post-Production Completes

Final mastering of our upcoming movie '9/11 Press For Truth' ran into a few technical difficulties, causing the filmmakers to miss the distributor-appointed deadline of July 23 by a few days.

A major blackout in Queens, NY, caused our sound engineer Z Jadwick to relocate his entire studio of equipment to a Manhattan facility in order to complete audio mixing on deadline. To his credit, he still managed to conclude his work on-time despite the circumstances. His audio mix was finished when promised and extremely well done. Thanks, Z.

Once the audio mix and color timing were finished, the movie was encoded for DVD. But several digital flubs and a lately-discovered typo required that the movie be encoded two more times before it was ready for delivery to DVD distributors The Disinformation Company, who plan to release 'Press For Truth' in stores nationwide on Tues., Sept. 26th.

The next issue came when distributors MercuryMedia delivered the unfortunate news that certain of the television stations they were talking with in Europe would not accept the 52 min. television cut in our intended 1.78:1 "widescreen" aspect ratio. Editor Kozo Okumura, always willing to go above and beyond, thus spent an additional day performing a "pan and scan" to the TV version in order to make it an acceptable 1.33:1 "full screen" aspect ratio.

With the mastering to DigitalBeta of both the 84 min. theatrical cut and the 52 min. television cut, today post-production is finally complete. Co-producers Ray Nowosielski and John Duffy began developing 'Press For Truth' in August 2003, almost exactly three years ago. Pre-production began with the first investment on May 16, 2004. Total length of production: 804 days.

The filmmakers wish to thank all the investors, production personnel, and countless others who provided so much to this production. Now, it's ready for the world. Hopefully, audiences will decide that all the time and effort was worthwhile.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Animated DVD Menu Completed

Indianapolis-based Banded Artists' Erik Potter, the computer animator behind the jaw-dropping "wall of TVs" sequences which appear throughout our upcoming movie '9/11 Press For Truth', has completed authoring of the new DVD to be released by The Disinformation Company on Sept. 26th. Because of his work as a computer animator, Potter was able to create 3D animated menus rather than standard static ones, employing the "wall of TVs" concept but with some new twists.

Bonus materials on the new DVD include chapter selection and the trailer, as well as over twenty minutes of testimony by "Jersey Girl" Lorie Van Auken and The Complete 9/11 Timeline author Paul Thompson before a July 2005 Congressional Briefing, 'The 9/11 Commission Report, One Year Later: Did They Get It Right?'

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Skywalker Sound Records Veteran Narrator For 'Press For Truth'

'9/11 Press For Truth' co-executive producer Ken Ellis supervised veteran L.A. narrator Michael Pritchard's final voice over recording at Skywalker Sound in California today. Pritchard is best known as the voice of over four hundred books on tape, though he has appeared in everything from 'The Right Stuff' (1983) to TV's 'Taxi' (1978).

"Keeps the atmosphere charged," wrote 'Library Journal' regarding Pritchard's narration. 'AudioFile' referred to his "low key style" as "outstanding".

With narration completed, the filmmakers can finally reach "picture lock" in Manhattan by the end of the day tomorrow -- an industry term for the point at which no further tweaks or edits are made. Audio mix and color timing will take place all next week in a race to meet DVD distributor The Disinformation Company's due date of Friday, July 21.

Saturday, July 1, 2006 Now Online

The official web site of our upcoming movie '9/11 Press For Truth' is now online. Created by Jason Klamm of Stolen Dress Entertainment in Hollywood and maintained by Banded Artists' Jon Roberts in Austin, TX, the site includes background stories of the 9/11 Family Steering Committee, Paul Thompson and his Complete 9/11 Timeline, and filmmakers behind the movie.