Saturday, April 29, 2006

"Jersey Girls" Give Thumbs Up to 'Press For Truth'

Mindy Kleinberg and Lorie Van Auken, two of the 9/11 widows whose story is told in our upcoming movie '9/11 Press For Truth', recently screened an advance copy of the movie on DVD. Both sent emails approving of the documentary. Mindy wrote today that it was "very good", adding, "It is a little hard to be objective since we have lived this."

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Our First Review: 'NUVO Magazine' Hails 'Press For Truth'

Film critic Paul F.P. Pogue, who attended the private screening in Indianapolis, has written a glowing review of our upcoming movie '9/11 Press For Truth' in this week's NUVO, calling it "the anti-'Fahrenheit 9/11'" and agreeing that it "could be one of the most prominent films to ever come out of Indiana".

Monday, April 24, 2006

'Press For Truth' Lands Worldwide Distribution

A-list documentary distributors Films Transit International ('Outfoxed', 'Metallica: Some Kind of Monster', 'Crumb') have come to an agreement for worldwide (non-U.S.) distribution of '9/11 Press For Truth'.

As per the request of company president Jan Rofekamp (who called the movie "almost ideal" for the upcoming 5th anniversary of the attacks), the filmmakers are currently racing to cut the movie down from 111 minutes to an 81 min. length in time for Rofekamp to shop it around next week at the HotDocs International Film Festival in Toronto -- North America's largest doc fest.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

First Test Screening of 'Press For Truth'

The first feature-length cut of '9/11 Press For Truth' has been officially completed!

More work still needs done before release, but a showing by director Ray Nowosielski for local media and assorted others at Indianapolis' treasured south side art house Key Cinemas went over well. Audience responses on anonymous surveys filled out after the showing were universally positive.