Tuesday, September 26, 2006

DVD Released Today in Stores Nationwide

DVD distributors The Disinformation Company released '9/11 Press For Truth' today in outlets across the country, including Borders, Virgin Megastore, Sam Goody, Suncoast, and many independent video stores. It is also available for purchase online at Amazon.com, though we encourage you to order it through our web site, 911PressForTruth.com.

The DVD is also available for rent through Netfllix and Blockbuster.com.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

British Theatrical Premiere of 'Press For Truth'

'9/11 Press For Truth' opened yesterday in Great Britain at the Durness Village Hall in northwest Sutherland in Scotland. In true British fashion, the traditional movie popcorn was accompanied by cups of tea. Thanks to Tim Bleasdale, son of famous writer Alan Bleasdale, for his help with that!

Scottish newspaper 'The Press and Journal' featured an article last week headlined "Film on 9/11 Gets Its UK Premiere in Scots Village" which promoted the premiere but complained that 'Press For Truth' was not more widely available to theater-goers throughout the United Kingdom. We're working on it!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Another "Jersey Girl" Praises 'Press For Truth'

Patty Casazza, one of the "Jersey Girls" whose story is told in '9/11 Press For Truth', sent us this email today:

"With regard to your film, it seems to have gotten more than favorable reviews and its message has been spread far and wide by the internet. Good for you, Paul, Ray, John and all of the others involved - you did a fabulous job merging our experiences with Paul's amazing timeline and research - the result was a truly thoughtful and reliable piece.

Our loved ones and the American people deserve to have the truth behind 9/11 told - the day that ended, wounded and profoundly affected so many lives - with honesty and integrity. Anything less than the truth is an affront to those who were directly in harms way on that day.

And, considering the impact of recommendations implemented, based on perhaps faulty information, more American lives may be inadvertently placed in harms way in the future.  What an absolutely unbearable consequence that would be. We need a true and complete investigation into the events of 9/11, for the sake of everyone.

Most sincerely,

Thanks, Patty.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Successful Opening Week

The first week of theatrical screenings of '9/11 Press For Truth' has concluded. The movie opened in theaters in New York City, Oakland, Indianapolis, Champaign, IL, Washington, D.C., Portland, OR, Austin, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Chicago. It was a busy week for the filmmakers, who traveled around the country to attend the premieres.

On Tues., Sept. 12th, director Ray Nowosielski joined co-producer John Duffy in Phoenix, Arizona, for the opening at the original Harken Theater of Tempe, then onward by plane to Chicago (Nowosielski's and Duffy's college home when they attended film school at Columbia) where the director attended the last big showing of the week, the Windy City premiere at The Portage Theater, a renovated classic movie palace, on the evening of Wed., Sept. 13th. Deborah Leydig, thank you for a fine job of organizing.

Last week's Oakland, California, premiere of 'Press For Truth' went so well that the famed Grand Lake Theater has announced it will be extending our engagement for a week, beginning tomorrow, Sept. 15th, through the 20th. Also, over the next month, 'Press For Truth' will be screening at house parties in over 50 cities, with more to come during the following months. Please keep checking back to PressForTruth.BraveNewTheaters.com to see when it's coming to your city.

And in a little under two weeks, on Tues., Sept. 26th, The Disinformation Company will release the DVD in select stores nationwide. Pre-order your copy now at Amazon.com, or through our friends at CooperativeResearch.org.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sean Hannity Mentions 'Press For Truth'?

A reliable source just informed us that he heard Fox News' Sean Hannity mention '9/11 Press For Truth' on air. No further details at this time. If this is true, we suspect it was not a positive comment -- but they say, "No publicity is bad publicity." We'll be sure to let you know when we confirm this.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Fifth Anniversary of Attacks Observed With Openings of 'Press For Truth', C-SPAN Press Conference

This morning, for the 5th anniversary of September 11th, Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, chairman and co-chairman of the 9/11 Commission of which the families in '9/11 Press For Truth' were so critical, held a luncheon in the ballroom of the National Press Club in D.C. As the event transpired, 'Press For Truth' held a press conference next door in the Zenger Room of the National Press Club. The Complete 9/11 Timeline author Paul Thompson and 'Press For Truth' executive producer Kyle F. Hence were joined by several 9/11 victim's relatives, who spoke emotionally demanding a new, truly independent investigation.

Volunteers then departed to deliver DVDs of 'Press For Truth' to Kean and Hamilton, as well as Congressmen and press. The event was televised live on C-SPAN, resulting in a huge surge of hits to 911PressForTruth.com.
Watch the C-SPAN 'Press For Truth' press conference.

After that, Thompson and Hence appeared by phone on 1100AM KFNX Phoenix, Arizona, for 'The Charles Goyette Show' (voted Phoenix's Best Talk Host) to promote tomorrow's Tempe, AZ, opening of 'Press For Truth', to be attended by director Ray Nowosielski and co-producer John Duffy, the latter of whom also appeared for an hour on a different Phoenix radio show -- 'The Jay Lawrence Show', KTAR 620 AM -- at the same time that Thompson and Hence talked to Goyette. Listen to an MP3 recording of Duffy's show.

Thompson then joined Randi Rhodes nationally on Air America for the fourth time in just over a month(!), this time to discuss the controversy over ABC's TV movie 'Path to 9/11', which has been called misleading and propagandistic, and to point toward 'Press For Truth' as the antidote. You can listen to an MP3 recording of the show by clicking on the "Sept. 11 Show" archive at the right side of this page.

Meanwhile, 'Press For Truth' executive producer Rory O'Connor discussed the movie on San Francisco radio's 'The Will and Willie Show', hosted by comedian Will Durst and former SF mayor Willie Brown.

And this evening in Los Angeles, Nowosielski, along with associate producers Jason Klamm and Matt Saxe -- who coordinated the event (Thank you both!) -- attended the Hollywood premiere of 'Press For Truth' at CineSpace. The venue is a true one-of-a-kind. A posh club consisting of several themed rooms, two bars, a smoking balcony, and a main theater. Each room is filled with wide plasma screens everywhere the eye might turn, and the movie's audio is pumped in through speakers in every room.

Critics from Variety, LA Weekly, and the Village Voice turned out. In the audience were filmmaker Jane Fitzgerald (associate producer, 2004's 'Twist of Faith') and television actor A Martinez ('L.A. Law', 'Profiler'), who, at the Q&A afterward, pointedly asked Nowosielski, "What can we do?"

View photos of the L.A. premiere.

At the same time in Austin, Texas, long-time Banded Artists office manager Talena Martinez and partner Jon Roberts, 911PressForTruth.com webmaster and animator of maps and other additional graphics for 'Press For Truth', ran the opening at Regal Arbor Cinema at Great Hills. Thanks much to both of you. Across town, a simultaneous showing occurred for the students at the University of Texas at Austin. Thanks to Matt Dayton for his help organizing that.

Nowosielski will be hopping a bus tomorrow to Phoenix, Arizona. Please join him, and co-producer John Duffy, for the opening of the movie at the original Harken Theater in Tempe. And if you are in Chicago, please join director Ray Nowosielski at the opening there on Wednesday night at The Portage Theater.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

More 'Press For Truth' Openings Around the Nation

Yesterday afternoon, The Complete 9/11 Timeline author Paul Thompson and '9/11 Press For Truth' director Ray Nowosielski spoke at a showing of the movie at the historic Boardman's Art Theater in Champaign, Illinois, and later at a screening in Peoria, Illinois. Thank you to Dr. Sachi Kuhananthan for making those possible.

Also yesterday, northern Colorado AM radio host Mike McNulty, producer of the Oscar-nominated feature documentary 'Waco: The Rules of Engagement', had 'Press For Truth' executive producer Rory O'Connor on to talk about the movie. Listen to the MP3 of the show.

This afternoon, the Portland, Oregon, opening of 'Press For Truth' at the CineMagic Theater, with lines out the front of the theater, sold out. Around a dozen people were eventually turned away. Thanks to David Morrison for his incredible efforts there.

'Press For Truth' executive producer Kyle F. Hence was a guest today on national Radio America's 'The Todd Feinburg Show'. Feinburg was 'Talkers Magazine's 2004 Top Radio Talk Host.

The just-flown-in Paul Thompson soon joined Hence in Washington, D.C., for the packed 'Press For Truth' opening at Landmark's E Street Cinema in the nation's Capitol. The event was attended by a number of Sept. 11th families and the press. And in New York City, executive producer Rory O'Connor again played master-of-ceremonies for the second public screening at Two Boots Pioneer Theater.

Be sure to tune in to C-SPAN tomorrow, the 5th anniversary of Sept. 11th, for our press conference with a number of 9/11 families. And if you are in Los Angeles, or Austin, TX, come see the filmmakers tomorrow night at our openings in those cities. Also, check the schedule for details on where and when you can come see '9/11 Press For Truth' for special anniversary showings in Washington, D.C., Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, IN, Champaign, IL, Philadelphia, Santa Barbara, CA, Ventura, CA, San Luis Obispo, CA, Culver City, CA, and St. Paul, MN.

Friday, September 8, 2006

'Press For Truth' Opens in Director's Home Town

Author Paul Thompson, director Ray Nowosielski, and computer animator Erik Potter were on-hand tonight in Nowosielski's hometown of Indianapolis for the downtown Hollywood Bar & Filmworks opening of '9/11 Press For Truth', where by chance Tippi Hedren (of Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds' fame) was present. During the Q&A afterward, Tom Cochrun, news director for Indiana's CBS affiliate, came up to the front to praise the film and graciously acknowledge the need for a greater effort on the part of the news media.

Indianapolis television viewers who tuned in this evening to Cochrun's 'News 8' on CBS-affiliate WISH-TV also caught a three minute segment on the five o'clock broadcast about 'Press For Truth' featuring an original interview with the director by reporter Shana Kelly.

The Indianapolis opening's after-party at Subterra Lounge was hosted by DJs Indiana Jones and Helicon. The movie will run daily at Hollywood Bar & Filmworks through the 9/11 5th anniversary on Monday.

Back in New York City, executive producer Rory O'Connor attended to the first public showing at Two Boots Pioneer Theater this evening. The movie also began it's run at the historic Boardman's Art Theater in Champaign, Illinois. Thompson and Nowosielski will be speaking there tomorrow afternoon, so if you live in central Illinois, please come see them.

And if you live in New York City, Washington, D.C., or Portland, OR, check the schedule for the where and when regarding public openings of the movie on Sunday at theaters in your town.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

'Press For Truth' Premieres!

Tonight's simultaneous world premieres on both coasts were resounding successes. The Manhattan event at Two Boots Pioneer Theater, not far from Ground Zero, was attended by 9/11 father Bob McIlvaine, 'Terror Timeline' author Paul Thompson, director Ray Nowosielski, executive producers Kyle F. Hence and Rory O'Connor, co-producer John Duffy, post-production coordinator Glenn Beatty, Globalvision co-founder Danny Schechter, a number of Sept. 11th family members, and a host of other invited guests. The press turned out, including a not-to-be-named-here journalist from the New York Times and a camera crew from European television. Thanks to Rob Falotico and Guy for their assistance all night.

Over in the San Francisco Bay area, co-executive producer Ken Ellis presided over two back-to-back screenings for excited crowds at Oakland's famed Grand Lake Theater. Much thanks to Carol Brouillet for her help in coordinating.

Coinciding with the premiere, 'Press For Truth' also received a good dose of press coverage today. 'The Boston Globe' film critic Jay Carr gave the movie an amazing "3 1/2 out of 4 stars" in a review published in today's 'AM New York', a daily New York City morning newspaper by the Tribune Company.

Bonnie Britton, film critic for 'The Indianapolis Star', the only major Indiana newspaper, wrote an article on the front page of the Entertainment section entitled "Disturbing 9/11 film is work of Hoosier". Said "Hoosier" refers to director Ray Nowosielski, whose hometown is Indianapolis.

This follows another Indianapolis news article published a week ago in 'NUVO Newsweekly' entitled "Sept. 11 and the Pursuit of Truth".

'The Santa Maria Sun', the newspaper for northern Santa Barbara County, California, and 'The New Times SLO', the largest circulated paper in San Luis Obispo County, California, jointly published a major new article by reporter Shawna Galassi on 'Press For Truth' headlined "Film, five years later: Take another look at the events surrounding 9/11".

Champaign, Illinois' alternative newsweekly 'The Weekly Buzz' featured both a front page story headlined "9/11 Truth Film Comes Through Town" about the movie's upcoming engagement over the next four days at Boardman's Art Theater, as well as an original interview with Paul Thompson in an article entitled "Paul Thompson: Media Sage".

Strangely enough, Poland's nationwide weekly magazine Przekroj (translation: "Cross Section") also featured a long article today about 'Press For Truth' entitled "Koniec Zaloby?".

Air America had Paul Thompson back on 'The Randi Rhodes Show' again to talk about the movie, the third time in a little over a month. Much thanks to host Randi Rhodes for the exposure. She also provided a link to 911PressForTruth.com from her show's web site. You can listen to an MP3 recording of today's show by clicking on the "Sept. 7 Show" archive at the right side of this page.

Paul Thompson also joined director Ray Nowosielski for a phone interview on KBOO Radio in Portland, Oregon, publicizing the opening of the movie that will take place there at the CineMagic Theater on Sunday afternoon. Listen to a stream of the show.

Thompson and Nowosielski are currently hopping a plane to Indianapolis for tomorrow's opening at the downtown Hollywood Bar & Filmworks. If you are in New York City, be sure to attend the first public showing tomorrow at Two Boots Pioneer Theater, or the Sunday afternoon screening there.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Third Full Scene From 'Press For Truth' Avaliable on YouTube

Only two days from the premiere of '9/11 Press For Truth' in New York City and California's San Francisco Bay area on Thurs., Sept. 7th, the filmmakers have released a third scene of the movie at YouTube.com

The scene, entitled "Condi Gets Served!", can be viewed here:


The White House, having initially blocked National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice from testifying before the 9/11 Commission, finally reversed itself in April 2004.

In a dramatic moment, under the stares of the on-looking 9/11 families, Rice made a startling revelation.


The filmmakers are now on-route to New York City and San Francisco for the simultaneous world premieres. Wish us luck!

And if you live in New Mexico, be sure to tune in tomorrow (Wednesday) night to The Drive 106.3 FM KAGM Albuquerque/Santa Fe where 'Press For Truth' director Ray Nowosielski will be talking with host Lee Hogan.