Sunday, June 17, 2007

Following Controversy, 'P4T' Director Returns to Radio in Defense

Over the last week, according to Jim Babka, president of our partner, the new "Jersey Girls Deserve Answers" Campaign has illicited the most heated response in the organization's three year history. Babka has spent the week wading through emails, attempting to explain our position one reply at a time.

The emails have mostly been coming from two polar opposite camps. Half are from people who are angry that DownsizeDC seems to be veering off it's course into "conspiracy land", and the other half are conspiracy theorists who are angry that '9/11 Press For Truth' doesn't push any conspiracy theories! A contradiction, to be sure.

In order to better clarify the positions of both DownsizeDC and '9/11 Press For Truth', Babka has invited the movie's director, Ray Nowosielski, to return to his radio program, the DownsizeDC Conference Call, today at 4:00PM Eastern time to "get into specifics".

"There are more than just two options regarding 9/11," says Nowosielski. "It isn't simply 'The government told us the whole truth' OR 'conspiracy theory' -- take your pick. Another option, where I think the 'Jersey Girls' and Paul Thompson and myself fall, is that we can't be sure right now exactly what all happened here, but we can clearly demonstrate from the available facts a pattern of utter failure and in some cases criminal negligence, lies, perjury, and obstruction of justice by many U.S. government officials. And we need to see some accountability for that."

After the show, an MP3 recording can be downloaded and listened to from here.

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