Sunday, June 10, 2007

Kucinich Announces New 9/11 Hearings Will Begin in September

Speaking before an audience at Sonoma County Fair Grounds in California earlier today, Congressman Dennis Kucinich was asked by someone in the crowd for more information about the new hearings into 9/11 that he has said his subcommittee will be holding.

In his response, he revealed for the first time that the hearings will begin "sometime in September". He further implied that the hearings will look, initially, at allegations of insider trading in the stock market just before 9/11 by individuals with apparent foreknowledge of the attacks.

"How many of you believe that the whole story of 9/11 has not been told?" Kucinich asked the audience and was greeted by cheers. He remarked that he had heard such things from citizens all over the country and "this needs to be taken seriously."

The entire incident was videotaped by an audience member and posted on YouTube:

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