Sunday, March 18, 2007

'P4T' Now Top 11,000 of All Movies Ever Made on IMDbPro

Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is the largest online database of films in existence, reaching back to the medium's beginning and spanning content of origin from around the world. IMDbPro, the private, subscription-funded spinoff intended for movie industry professionals, has a system called the MOVIEmeter, ranking all titles from number 1 to number 981,916, using "proprietary algorithms that take into account several measures of popularity for titles, primary of which is what people are looking at on the public website, as well as factors including box office receipts and user quality votes on a scale of 1-10".

The filmmakers were pleased to discover that, according to IMDb's measure of interest by it's 47 million visitors each month, '9/11 Press For Truth' is currently ranked #10,631. For a proper gauge of what that means, let's compare it with a similar movie.

The premise for the documentary 'On Native Soil' may sound familiar. It told the story of the 9/11 Commission, prominently featuring interviews with Sept. 11th families. 'Soil' was released the same month as 'Press For Truth'; but unlike 'Press', 'Soil' was released by major theatrical distributor Lionsgate and featured narration by Hollywood mega-stars Kevin Costner and Hillary Swank. 'On Native Soil's current IMDb MOVIEmeter ranking is #36,655.

The high ranking is even more surprising given that 'Press For Truth' has not done any major marketing or promotions for the past several months, meaning that the interest is taking place on a grassroots level, of it's own volition.

According to the MOVIEmeter graph, interest in the movie began to spike sharply in late January and has continued upward ever since, now at an all-time high -- even higher than last September when 'Press For Truth' premiered, at a ranking of #17,202.

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