Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Busy Two Days For 'P4T'

The universe is strange. Very little may happen over the course of weeks. Then, suddenly, everything all at once!

On Sunday (March 25th) at 1:00 pm, '9/11 Press For Truth' screened to a full house at the Upstate Films theater in Rhinebeck, New York. Executive Producer Rory O'Connor of Globalvision attended the showing, introducing the movie. 'Press For Truth' was honored to join the fine tradition of Upstate Films, which has nurtured the specialty, alternative-to-the-mainstream film audience since 1972. It is known as the "venue for the hard-to-find, the overlooked and the controversial". Thanks to the guys at Upstate for a great event.

That same day, at 6:30 pm (Rio de Janeiro time), 'Press For Truth' had it's world film festival premiere as an official selection of the 12th annual 'It's All True' International Documentary Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the biggest documentary film festival in South America. Thanks to everyone at 'It's All True'.

Then, yesterday (Monday the 26th), at 9:00 pm (Guadalajara time), '9/11 Press For Truth' had it's Latin American film festival premiere as an official selection of the 22nd annual Guadalajara International Film Festival in Mexico, the most important Spanish-language film festival in the world. Thanks to everyone at GIFF.

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