Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Debunkers Find 'Press For Truth' Difficult to Debunk, Give Up

ScrewLooseChange.com is a web site devoted to debunking the popular online 9/11 "conspiracy" movie 'Loose Change'. Apparently, having heard a lot of online buzz about '9/11 Press For Truth', irritated that many on the blogs were referring to the movie as "undebunkable" and as, finally, the movie that exactly states their reasons for skepticism regarding September 11th, and mistakenly assuming that the movie presents a "conspiracy theory", the folks at Screw Loose Change devoted four entire sections to a 10-minute by 10-minute debunking of 'Press For Truth'.

Read them here:
Analysis Part I
Analysis Part II
Analysis Part III
Analysis Part IV

Hilariously, they appear to have had a lot of trouble finding anything to complain about and seemingly gave up their debunking efforts after the fourth analysis, only forty minutes into the movie. A number of their regular blog commentators even began defending the movie on ScrewLooseChange.com after finally viewing it.

One blogger nicknamed "TAM", who was making some of the more derogatory blog comments after each of the "debunk" entries, seems now to have been won over after ACTUALLY WATCHING the movie. Read her blog entry here.

TAM calls 'Press For Truth' "one of the more honest films in terms of what needs to be asked about 9/11". This person -- who regularly blogs for a site that dubs itself "a place to present the minority Internet view that the 'official' story on 9/11, for the most part, is true" -- went on to write, "What this film has done for me, is made me realize that the loons of the 'truth' movement have distracted many of us from realizing that a part of their 'movement' are legitimate people, with legitimate questions for their government."

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