Thursday, October 5, 2006

Secret Service "Panic" at 1600 Showing of 'Press For Truth'

Stephen Surles, a man known as "The Sign Guy" for his five-months-long demonstration outside the front of the White House with, among other signs, one reading "The Sign Guy Sez So", emailed the makers of '9/11 Press For Truth' about a recent incident involving our movie.

"I have a bonafide, ratified, certified and verified permit with Metropolitan Police Department for the street, which is still under the jurisdiction of the District of Columbia," writes Surles. "I started showing ['Press For Truth'] on my laptop 30 minutes after sundown on 10-01-06 Sunday. A few people gathered and were immersed in the movie. The movie touches your heart."

At this point, according to Surles, a Secret Service agent arrived asking to see his permit. Surles responded that the same agent had already checked his permit yesterday, but provided it again. Surles' permit was good until midnight on the night in question. The agent left.

A minute later, "more [Secret Service] came -- 5 or 6 at a time." The agents made a copy of his permit. "They told me my permit didn’t have a laptop listed as items authorized," writes Surles. "I told them I could have a laptop... I called Captain Bray at [Metropolitan Police Department who] pointed out... that pages 3 and 4 of the permit [allow for items such as laptops]."

After going away to inspect his permit again, the Secret Service agents returned to explain that his permit was only good for 24 hours and that he was to pack up again. Surles writes, "I pointed out their misreading of the details of the permit [which allowed me to stay there until midnight of that day].

In the end, Surles argument won out, and the agents left him alone for the remainder of the night.

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