Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Buzz Takes Over the Blogosphere

Excitement is definitely building among the Internet community over the forthcoming release of '9/11 Press For Truth'. Google searches of "press for truth" are yielding thousands of results on web sites far and wide. Many are speculating, "Will this finally be the movie to bring this important issue to the mainstream public?"

And several major bloggers who received advanced copies from us are praising the new movie.

Media critic Danny Schechter, "The News Dissector", calls 'Press For Truth' "a new doc you will hear lots more about... If you don't trust the official story, you will have to see this one." In 1992, when Oliver Stone's 'JFK' came out, Warner Brothers chose Schecter to co-direct, with the amazing Barbara Kopple, the official documentary companion film entitled 'Beyond JFK'. On his blog, Schechter calls 'Press For Truth' "in many ways the sequel to 'Beyond JFK'," quite the compliment indeed. Having just panned Oliver Stone's recent 9/11 film 'World Trade Center', Schechter goes on to quip, "Perhaps they should have called ['Press For Truth'] 'Beyond WTC'.

Meanwhile, Scott Horton, who runs the popular blog, called 'Press For Truth' "an astonishing portrayal of the lengths our public servants will go to in order to protect themselves from any accountability."

Most surreal, Dick Gregory, respected old-school comedian and social activist, named #81 in Comedy Central's list of the 100 greatest stand ups of all-time, has released a statement reading, "['9/11 Press For Truth'] is probably one of the greatest documentaries to be produced because everybody -- from a 90 year old man to a 4 year old child, from a PhD to no education -- will understand it and because it has no hidden agenda."

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